Equitation/Medal Classes

15 UPHA Challenge Cup Equitation Class

Open to all Saddle Seat Equitation riders, 17 years of age and under, riding a mare or gelding of any breed. No minimum number of entries is required to fill a class. The proper calling of the gaits shall be “walk, trot and canter.” Judging is based 60% railwork and 40% on the individual workout. The top four riders must be worked individually; more may be worked at the judge’s discretion. The mandatory workout is “Trot a serpentine to the opposite end of the ring; return down the rail at a trot.” All riders must be registered with the UPHA.

Entry Fee: $40.00                                                                                     Wednesday Matinee

54 Saddle Seat Equitation – Riders 14-17

Entry Fee: $40.00                                                                                         Thursday Matinee

64 Saddle Seat Equitation – Riders 13 & Under

Entry Fee: $40.00                                                                                         Thursday Matinee

116 Saddle Seat Equitation – Junior Exhibitor - Championship

To be eligible, riders must be entered, shown and judged in any other class in this division, except class 15.

Entry Fee: $40.00                                                                                               Friday Evening

144 UPHA Adult Challenge Cup – Riders 18 & Over

See specifics as outlined in class 15 above, but for adults.

Entry Fee: $40.00                                                                                          Saturday Matinee